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Hello All

He is an inspiration, a life changer, he allows you to be important. You live your life for him, and allow yourself to be great. He cries to let you know he needs you, and to be needed that much shows you that he loves you.
My son Manning has shown me love and allowed me to chase a dream that I have always wanted. Today at work I realized that this isn’t for me, It’s time to chase my dream. I will provide for him and this (my dream to write) may be a slow process, but when it happens I hope to make him proud.

My name is Jason Thompson, I’m from Chester, VA. My current profession is Banker, husband and a father. I plan to post my journey, and allow others to see that you can chase your dream. Life is a short period and to not live the way that you want would be a waste. Be a role model for the future, a leader and a friend to all.

Thank for reading and feel free to contact me.